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Founded in 1992 by Todd Grone. Todd Equipment continues to thrive even 20+ years later. One of the largest tow truck distributors on the west coast. Specializing in exclusive Miller Industries products. At Todd Equipment we have been known for our renowned customer care and service as well as quality of product. One of our many secrets to running a successful business. At Todd Equipment we really do care! The customer always comes first and you are guaranteed nothing but the very best service. So come on down and stop by. We would be nothing but honored to receive your business and in return give you the very best care we have to offer! 


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Outstanding Distributor
Miller Industries 

Acknowledged for outstanding customer service, and sales of Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc.

             Tim Norris

          Shop Foreman

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Jim Potter


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Bill Moquin


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Alan Gibbons



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Todd Grone


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Telephone: 480-557-8633

Toll Free: 1-800-524-5535

Fax: 480-557-6380

3435 E. Elwood St., Phoenix, AZ 85040

Mitchell Grone

  Parts/Service         Associate

       ext 17

Outstanding Representation
B/A Products

Recognized for promoting and representing B/A Products Inc.

Lea Howell


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​​Miller Industrieshttp://www.millerind.com/

All-Grip: http://www.all-grip.com/

B/A: http://www.baprod.com/

Muncie: http://www.munciepower.com/

Ramsey Winch: http://www.munciepower.com/

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